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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

It feels like forever has passed since I last posted on the blog. The truth is I’ve been so busy living life and trying to crawl out from what feels like an endless pile of studying that I haven’t the time to spend on this online space of mine. I intend to try and change this in the near future and challenge myself to regular and consistent posting!

Today I wanted to share with you a post focused on beauty, in particular, on foundation. Wearing foundation for me is actually a fairly recent thing. Before I wore foundation I mainly used tinted moisturisers and BB cream as I didn’t feel the need to conceal my skin with something as heavy as a foundation. However, there is no denying that foundation is something I now cannot live without, especially in the winter when my skin is paler and all the small blemishes and undereye circles are extremely visible in contrast with it.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is a product I only discovered in the last few weeks, after hearing great things about it for some time, and now I think it has earned its place in my heart as my top favourite foundation.


Monthly Beauty Essentials | November | Life with Koko

Monthly Beauty Essentials | November

This month, despite being up-to-my-ears in work, I’ve still had time to concoct my list of top six beauty recommendations. As winter has well and truly arrived and the trees are gradually being stripped naked of their leaves, the essentials for November are a little less light and summery and a touch darker and more sophisticated, in keeping with the colder weather.


The Dream Wedding | Life with Koko

The Dream Wedding | An Italian Affair

Despite a wedding being a long way off for myself personally, I’m very passionate about the aesthetics of an outfit and designing looks and so I have always loved the idea of designing a dream wedding look!

I was inspired by the website to design my own bridal look for a wedding set in Italy. is a site that makes wedding planning easy. They offer wedding ideas, inspiration and all the wedding dresses that you could choose from!

I wanted to create a look for a wedding set in Italy, as to me Italy and its many beautiful cities and landscapes speaks of true romance. It is the ideal location to wed the one you love. For me, the perfect Italian wedding would take place in Florence, set in beautiful Tuscany or in Venice, the Floating City, one of Europe’s most romantic locations.



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Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

October is almost over, November is almost here and winter is finally arriving! Winter is actually one of my favourite seasons, Christmas is naturally my favourite time of the year, I love all the knitwear, faux fur and new textures winter brings in terms of fashion. I devised a short list of my favourite, classic winter pieces, essentials for any girl’s wardrobe when winter comes. These are items I think are so timeless, elegant and classic: