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Top 5 Fall/Winter Accessories

We’re talking all things cosy and stylish today. Accessories are an all important part of completing any outfit. They can add so much to any look as well as being extremely practical (in this case, warm), and unless I’m going for a minimal look or simple outfit that just speaks for itself, accessories are a must-have, especially come fall and winter.

Accessories for fall/winter are obviously crucial so below I list the five essential items needed in your life for keeping snug and stylish in the colder weather:


#1 The Snood


Top 5 Fall/Winter Accessories

Despite some controversy to the snood when it first hit up the market for winter accessories a little while back, I’ve inevitably fallen for this twist on the classic scarf, the cousin of the snood. It’s snug, it’s wearable and if you choose the right one for you, can add to any outfit. The trick to pulling off the ‘snood look’ is to pick the right size. Pick too small and you’ll feel as strangled and claustrophobic as if you’re wearing a too-tight turtleneck. (and we all know how horrible that is). Pick too large and you’ll find yourself  with the dilemma of not knowing whether to wear said snood overly loose so it falls across your outfit and ruins your look (as well as being totally impractical) or wrapping it a further time around your neck and being strangled all over again.  Pick the perfect sized snood and you’ll never look back. I highly suggest you swipe a snood for this autumn/fall and winter.

Included here are snoods from Accessorize, Dolce and Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Missoni, Harrods and Eleven Everything.

#2 The Gloves


Top 5 Fall/Winter Accessories

Of course there’s no way I (or anyone else for that matter) will be surviving this winter without a pair ,or several, of gloves. From cosy and hand-engulfing mittens, to smart and chic suede or leather, to snug and woolly, gloves are winter wardrobe staples. They’re practical and if correctly picked, can be classy or cute. Gloves keep the punishing icy winter chill off your fingers while still adding to your outfit. I personally adore suede or leather gloves. I think they’re smart and classic and so every woman should own a pair, as well as a snug pair of woolly gloves or mittens. Included here are gloves/mittens from Monki, Pieces, Accessorize, Acne Studios, John Lewis and Ralph Lauren.


#3 The Scarf


Top 5 Fall/Winter Accessories

Ah, the classic scarf, friend to all and if well chosen, a friend to your outfit also. I personally think scarves are the best of winter accessories. Whether you’re going for the preppy, student look, the chic , elegant lady or the classy, smart businessman or businesswoman, the right scarf can take you far. Included here are all high-end scarves from Acne Studios, Prabal Gurung, Michael Kors and Burberry.


#4 The Hat


Top 5 Fall/Winter Accessories

There are two styles of hat I’m favouring for this fall/winter. The first is the floppy/wool/fedora style hat. The second is the beanie. The former, the floppy wool hat or fedora, is an emerging style that has been noticeably creeping into stores everywhere. It’s a new style for me  and something that I’ve only dared to try and not yet buy. However, I’m thinking soon of putting my fear aside and purchasing one. I’ve seen many people wearing them and looking so gorgeous in them so I think it’s time I took the leap and bought one for myself. I highly recommend you check them out if you haven’t already. I predict they’re a style that will stick in the fashion sphere (not one of those cringe-worthy trends doomed for extinction). Included here are floppy hats/fedoras from Monki, Topshop, H&M and French Connection.


Top 5 Fall/Winter Accessories

The second style of winter hat I’m loving, the beanie, is a hat the majority of people I know own. However, I still think the beanie is worth mentioning. Beanie’s have always been a lifesaver for me, from those infamous bad hair days to the days where I just want to look effortlessly cool and casual (or attempt to). If you don’t currently own a beanie (where have you been all your life?) you need one. Included here are beanies from H&M, Acne Studios, Topshop and Mango.


#5 The Cape or Poncho


Top 5 Fall/Winter Accessories

Capes  and ponchos are the perfect item for winter. You can throw one over your outfit and head out into a crisp winter day in the city without worry about your outfit. They can create an effortless and sophisticated look as well as keeping you warm and protected against the cold day. Included here are ponchos/capes from Burberry, Mango, H&M and Ted Baker.

Personally I am beyond excited for autumn/fall, followed by winter. In my eyes winter can be just as exciting as summer and although I do start to miss summer and all that it entails, cutout dresses, shades, iced lattes, city adventures under the sunny blue sky, etc., included,  toward the end of winter, the colder season holds many exciting promises. I particularly love the winter experience in England, staying in my home country and embracing the cold.

I think it can be a much more enjoyable experience to go about your day equipped with the right accessories, for optimal warmth and style. I can’t wait to share with you my fall/winter looks in the future paired with some of the items I’ve included here.

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on my top 5 fall/winter accessories as well as your feelings about  fall arriving, with winter not far behind it.

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